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Protect your organisation during this time of increased risk of email attacks

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COVID-19: Healthcare establishments more vulnerable to email attacks

Many hospitals, clinics and other healthcare establishments have experienced cyberattacks over the last few years, forcing them to close down, delay treatment or schedule operations with a paper and pencil.  In the current context of the Coronavirus pandemic, the biological threat now includes the IT sector. Your organisation is more vulnerable than ever before, so take the necessary steps to enhance security before falling victim to phishing or ransomware.

Mailinblack protects you for 3 months free of charge, and with no obligation

Concentrate on your main mission: saving lives Computer threats are one less thing to worry about with Mailinblack: phishing and ransomware attacks are blocked with our anti-spam and anti-virus solution. We will secure your email exchanges free of charge for all orders placed before 30th April. More than 200 healthcare establishments trust us today (hospitals, consortiums, clinics, nursing homes, laboratories). Join them now.

You are working around the clock to save lives and we are infinitely grateful for everything that you are doing. Mailinblack wants to contribute in its own way and support you over this period which is particularly conducive to cyber attacks. We are therefore offering all healthcare establishments Mailinblack protection against ransomware and phishing during the peak crisis period.

An HDS-certified, GDPR-compliant, CNIL-certified solution
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Mailinblack: A cybersecurity solution dedicated exclusively to protecting sensitive data sent by email


A solution that combines human intelligence and artificial intelligence to achieve optimal efficiency in the fight against attacks by phishing, spearphishing and ransomware.


At start-up: free training for all company employees Ongoing: free and unlimited support.


An interface for the exclusive use of the IS Department to ensure they have control of your data: 100% autonomy for users and 100% control for the administrator.

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