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The leading solution to protect your business and your employees from new threats by email: malware, phishing, ransomware, spam, etc. Opt for security at your fingertips and convenience on a day-to-day basis!


The most effective solution

With more than 5 billion emails processed per year, Mailinblack stands out as the most effective and complete anti-spam solution. Its proven technologies and protection levels help ensure maximum security for your business email.

Stop taking risks with your business: viruses are eliminated, spam is blocked and automatic emails of the newsletter type are sorted. Regain control of your email at last!


Mailinblack technology

We are convinced that human beings must be central to the process of protecting email exchanges.

That’s why, in addition to a solid foundation – traditional security filters – further strengthened by machine learning-enabled predictive analysis, we implemented the Human Lock Security System. This higher level of security, based on the principle of human authentication of senders, makes Mailinblack the most efficient solution on the market.

The proven technologies, supplemented by Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence, ensure maximum security for your inbox and data.


Unequalled flexibility in use


Each user has access to their own web interface making them 100% independent in managing their blocked emails. Mailinblack also sends a daily recap of pending email so they miss nothing important.



The administrator has access to a centralised management web interface from which they can manage the settings per user group and control the flow of incoming emails in real time. The administrator keeps control of the solution and applies security rules to protect the company and its employees against threats by email.


PATRICE BOURDON - Head of IS and Organisation of the Candelie Hospital Centre

What I liked most when I found out about Mailinblack was the principle of authenticating senders. The solution fully meets our expectations, with less workload since we no longer have to sort through our spam.

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LAURENT BATTUT - CIO Gard General Council

It is a really effective tool for protecting our email, which saves significant time per day but is still flexible enough for all our uses.

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MICHEL COLONNA - In charge of Mailinblack operation for the Marseille-Fos Port

We have seen real benefits and massive support from our employees and correspondents. Mailinblack provides a simple, intuitive offer with sender authentication, which allows us to protect ourselves from large volumes of spam and to work safely.

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JOCELYN BOURIANT - Information System Manager at Inddigo

The relevance of the solution combined with the professionalism and good humour of the Mailinblack team are real assets that allow us to maintain a quality relationship based on skill and expertise.

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BOUCHAïB HADEG - Director of Information Systems and Assets for Pantin Town Hall

Mailinblack is an effective response to new challenges and needs related to email. Over and above the questions of spam and security, we are confronted with changes in email practices. We now receive a lot of advertising and informational messages that are blocked by the solution. Each employee is the free to recover them through their personal interface.

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They trust us


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Mercure International of Monaco sécurise ses emails avec Mailinblack

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Who we are?

With 15 years of experience and expertise and 9,000 customers protected and satisfied, Mailinblack's reputation is well established.

Mailinblack means 40 employees hard at work engaged in a genuinely societal approach, designed to put People at the heart of their exchanges and data.

Our commitment: to make each employee's day better and free them from ever greater technological stress.

Our ambition is revolutionise everyday life in a company.

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