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The number of MailInBlack users rose by 70% in 2015. With cyberattacks up 50% in France and 113% worldwide, MailInBlack has emerged as the market’s go-to solution for effective protection. At MailInBlack we are committed to making sure our product meets our customers’ changing needs: 90% of our customers come back for repeat business.
Most attacks originate from email; more than 70% of email is SPAM or contains viruses. Breakdown of email

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img mailinblack 100% effective against cyber-attacks
(Stops viruses, SPAM mail, and email account hacking)
enveloppe_opt Receive priority emails
(Authorize your usual correspondents and automatically manage your whitelists)
2_opt (2) Read marketing emails and newsletters
(Log on to your personal account and receive daily graymail logs)
parametre_opt Easy, efficient administration
(Saves time and work)
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