Interview: Bouchaïb Hadeg, Head of Information Systems and Assets, City of Pantin, France

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Ransomware attacks have been on the rise recently. Which is one of the reasons Bouchaïb Hadeg, Head of Information Systems and Assets for the City of Pantin, France, chose MailInBlack to protect his organization from SPAM and the malware it can contain.

How long have you been using MailInBlack?We started working with MailInBlack in 2008. We had initially chosen MailInBlack for our Yvelines district information systems. We were satisfied with it there, so we also implemented it here in Pantin.

How did you hear about MailInBlack?Orange Business Services recommended MailInBlack to us.

How did you deal with SPAM before MailInBlack?We didn’t really have a dedicated solution. We had internet provider SFR’s SPAM filter, but there was a lot it wasn’t catching. Even when you have other security measures like antivirus software in place, you still need a good SPAM filter. We get a lot of email from bots.

What tipped the balance in favor of MailInBlack?Our people’s IT skills vary to a great degree. Management-level staff tend to be more aware than other staff. MailInBlack handles email before it even reaches our inboxes. That was a major factor for us. If the sender is unknown, the email gets filtered and the sender is asked to complete the authentication process.

How has MailInBlack helped your organization?MailInBlack effectively addresses new email-related challenges and needs, beyond just SPAM and security. For example, people are using email in new ways. Today we are getting a lot of opt-in email, whether it is things like direct marketing or newsletters. MailInBlack catches them when they come in. Users can then log on to their MailInBlack account to get the emails they want to read. There have been a few critics, of course. I would tell anyone who doesn’t like the way MailInBlack works to look at the results. That is what counts. Only email from actual humans makes it to our inboxes, and that is what MailInBlack delivers.

What role did MailInBlack’s team play before, during, and after rollout?Before we rolled out the solution, our MailInBlack sales rep gave us the information we needed to get top management and users on board. During rollout, we got support making sure the prerequisites were in place and finalizing the rollout calendar according to our organization’s specific needs. Once MailInBlack was set up, we continued to work with their team on some last-minute adjustments and turned to their customer support team for any questions.

How long did the rollout and integration processes take?Everything was up and running in just two days. We opted for the SaaS (software-as-a-service) version, so we didn’t need to worry about servers or other infrastructure.

And what do your users think of MailInBlack?They are really pleased. Especially our IT team. MailInBlack has really reduced the number of “emergencies” they have to deal with. The fact that we don’t have any more SPAM-related issues to manage really saves us a lot of time. We no longer have to assign staff to tasks like isolating a potentially-infected workstation.