Used in many companies, Microsoft can be a leading target for spammers since attacking Microsoft can impact many users quickly.

Reinforcing the security of your emails is undoubtedly paramount, no matter what email system you use. Why and how? Spam and viruses are a real scourge for businesses. In the digital age, protecting against this type of attack has become a major issue for everyone, because these emails can have a dangerous impact through phishing, the theft of confidential information or blocking access to computers with ransom demands (ransomware). Since 2015, there has been an increasing trend in targeted attacks. These malware deploy at an impressive speed and increase the number of victims throughout the world (health facilities, VSE/SME, agri-food sector, etc.). To deal with cyberattacks, implementing a complete filtering solution is more than necessary to guarantee your company 100% secure email exchanges.

Why update and enhance the security of Office 365?

Office 365 now offers to protect you against spam (spam and viruses), a necessary security but one that we strongly recommend you strengthen. Although Microsoft has recently added an anti-spam block to its email system, in the current context it isn’t enough to properly protect your emails and your company. Indeed, the risk of letting dangerous and infected emails pass through remains too high. The technologies put in place are a first level of protection that must absolutely be paired with an anti-spam and antivirus solution like Mailinblack.

What is the advantage of Mailinblack?

Having made email security its core business, Mailinblack has been offering professionals an effective, secure and proven anti-spam solution for more than 15 years. Its proven technologies, supplemented by the Human Captcha, make it possible to cope daily with the new forms of threats and to reinforce the first level of “basic” protection offered by email systems. Mailinblack has developed this level of superior security based on the principle of human authentication of senders during email exchanges to provide maximum security and stand out from the rest.

The last word: Mailinblack, the leader in France for protecting companies and employees from new email threats, is the ideal solution to complete and strengthen the security of your infrastructure. In addition to being compatible with email systems like Office 365 or Google, Mailinblack is especially essential and complementary to the anti-spam solutions offered by your outsourced email service. Think about it!