How to activate Secure Link for a group of users?

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As “manager”, you have the ability to activate Secure Link for a group of users.   

  • In your manager interface, go to Settings:
Parametre par défaut Secure Link
  • Go to the Rules tab:  
Onglet Regles Secure Link
  • You can add settings to an existing rule or create a new one:  

a. For an existing rule, click:  customization tool

Modification des regles Secure Link

b. For a new rule, click “Add a rule”: 

Ajout d'une règle Secure Link
  • Click “Add a setting” and select “Security Exceptions on emails”: 
Ajout de parametres / Exceptions de securite sur les emails
  • Check “Enable Secure Link for email received by protected users”.  
Activation Secure Link pour les emails reçus d'utilisateurs proteges les utilisateurs
  • Click “Next”  
  • Select the group(s) for which to apply the rule. If necessary, you may create a new group.  
Ajouter un groupe

Click “Save”.  All future email containing a link will be scanned and protected, and all links will be checked and verified before they are opened. 

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