How to customise the authentication request?

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Log in to your personal Mailinblack area and go to Access my admin area at the top right of your screen by clicking on your Surname and First name.

From your admin area, click the Authentication templates menu.
Modify the authentification templates

How to create a template
Click on Add an authentication template and name it.

Authentification request templatesThen define the dominant colour of your graphic charter and add your logo in the design part.

Add a templateYou can select blocks of text to edit the contents. When done, click Next.
Modify the massageIn the next step, you can modify the words present in the captcha. To do so, click on the block of text. When done, click Next.
Modify the authentification page

You have arrived at the last stage of customisation. Here you can change the content of the last part of the authentication request by clicking on the block of texts. To finish, click Save.

How to assign my template to my users or a domain
This time click on Assign the template.

Assign the authentification request templates

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