How to set up an LDAP synchronisation?

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Log in to your personal Mailinblack area and go to Access my admin area at the top right of your screen by clicking on your Surname and First name.

From your admin area, click the Synchronisation menu on the left and then the Add LDAP connection button.

Step 1
Add LDAP connection button

First, fill in the information about the connection to your AD:

  • Name of the connection: it will be used to differentiate one LDAP configuration from another, in the case where several synchronisations are configured
  • Connect via SSL/TLS encryption: this option allows you to configure the synchronisation in LDAPs to secure the remote connection
  • Accept the digital certificates, including self-signed certificates: by enabling this option, the MIB server will no longer validate the certification of the Certificate present on your computer directory
  • Referrer: the referrer option allows you to use a directory that has entries linked to other directories

Then fill in the connection settings:

  • Enter the name of the server or public IP where your directory is located
  • Port: The default ports will be 389 for an LDAP connection and 636 for LDAPS. You will need to open the connection to this port for the public IP ranges of your Mailinblack solution
  • Fill in the user who will have visibility on the entire directory, as well as their password.

Finally, you can enter secondary connection settings and/or click Next to proceed to the 2nd step.

Step 2
secondary connection settings

This step is about setting up the users to synchroniseClick Browse to select the base DN that the synchronisation will be based on.
A synchronisation filter can be configured to retrieve just one Object type (User, Groups) or to only retrieve the accounts belonging to a group.

Select the nodes/items to synchronise and the expected behaviour (protected, unprotected, only users corresponding to the result of a filter protected) by clicking the following icon and then clicking Next:

protect icon


Step 3 

modify the LDAP connectionThis menu consolidates the synchronisation options as well as the mapping of synchronised fields:

  • Synchronisation limit rate: this threshold is the percentage above which we will not allow accounts to be deleted via synchronisation
  • Synchronisation of deactivated accounts: enabling synchronisation of deactivated accounts in the directory
  • Conversion of local accounts: users of the application whose email address is in the directory will be synchronised

You will be able to add up to three synchronisation frequencies through the Add Additional Synchronisation option.

Changing the field mapping changes the attribute in your directory associated with the field in Mailinblack. Mappings can be added beyond those made available by default.


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