How to update my Mailinblack solution?

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You can update your Mailinblack solution any time from your console access. It is important not to interrupt the update once it starts.

Please note: if your current system is earlier than version 7.19, your next update will migrate emails to a new database. This step can take several minutes (5 to 40 min, depending on the number of emails quarantined on your interface) but doesn’t interrupt the email service. Your areas are only unavailable for 1 to 2 minutes. Users will still receive their new emails during the update and will be able to access their personal area. Only the old emails will be inaccessible during the data migration.

When you log in via a command prompt, you will find the following menu: Here you will find menu 3: Anti-spam update. 

Type 3 and then click Enter. The update is launched directly if a new version is available:

After a few minutes, the update is complete:

Tap Enter to exit the update area and return to the initial menu.


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