I want to migrate to Office 365; what should I do? (Mistral V7)

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Already equipped with the Mailinblack Anti-Spam solution, you wonder if it is compatible with Office 365? Of course! Here are the steps to follow.

One change:
Modify the target server via the Mailinblack interface to redirect your email flow to your new email inbox.

Modify the target server via the Mailinblack interface

By following these 3 steps, you can easily configure your new email server on Mailinblack.

Step 1
To begin the changes, log in to your Manager area with the groupmanager accesses.

Select Domains from the menu on the left.Domains mailinblack menu

Step 2
You reach the complete list of your domain names. To change the email server of a domain name, click on the following icon at the end of the line of the domain name to be changed and then on Change the domain:

edit user

Step 3
This is where you can change the target server associated with the domain name. Confirm once the operation is completed by selecting Save.

modify domainYour migration to OFFICE 365 is complete 🙂


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