I want to migrate to Office 365; what should I do? (Mistral V7)

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Already equipped with the Mailinblack Anti-Spam solution, you wonder if it is compatible with Office 365? Of course! Here are the steps to follow.

One change:
Modify the target server via the Mailinblack interface to redirect your email flow to your new email inbox.

By following these 3 steps, you can easily configure your new email server on Mailinblack.

Step 1
To begin the changes, log in to your Manager area with the groupmanager accesses.

Select Domains from the menu on the left.

Step 2
You reach the complete list of your domain names. To change the email server of a domain name, click on the following icon at the end of the line of the domain name to be changed and then on Change the domain:

Step 3
This is where you can change the target server associated with the domain name. Confirm once the operation is completed by selecting Save.

Your migration to OFFICE 365 is complete 🙂


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