My email is blocked in quarantine; why?

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Log in to your personal Mailinblack area and go to Access my admin area at the top right of your screen by clicking on your Surname and First name.

From your admin area, click the Emailsemail menu menu.

To search for an email, follow this link: I cannot find an email; where is it?

If an email has not been received, click on the Trace an email icon to find out why:

tracer iconEmail Advanced Search Quarantine

  • Pending email

The email is blocked because the sender hasn’t yet completed the authentication request.

  • Banned email

The sender is on the list of banned senders. Therefore the emails are systematically blocked.

  • Infected email

Mailinblack’s antivirus has detected dubious, potentially malicious content.

  • Spam email

Mailinblack’s spam handling can classify it into spam for different reasons:

RBL blacklisted: lists that catalogue IP addresses that emit spam.

Anti-spoofing verification: The email sent is from a domain known by the platform, but coming from outside and whose source cannot be verified. The sending IP is not authorised to send emails in the SPF field of the sending domain name. This is considered spoofing.

SPF control: if an email is sent via an IP other than those declared in the SPF field, it will be considered as illegitimate or as a spoofing email.



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