My emails are categorised as spam because of the SPF; why?

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Some legitimate emails can be categorised as spam because of the SPF check. Mailinblack anti-spam performs this check to prevent spoofing by a spammer from a sender domain. We thus verify that the sending IP address of the email is authorised to be sent for the sender domain.

Log in to your personal Mailinblack area and go to Access my admin area at the top right of your screen by clicking on your Surname and First name.

From your admin area, click the Emails menu.

email menuHover your mouse over the email and click on the following icon to trace the message:

tracer icon

If this is SPF blocking, the tracking will show this message:

trace an emailAn email can be classified as spam because the SPF control detected it as such.

You have two solutions:

1st solution

You can notify the sender by informing them that their sending IP is not entered in their TXT field. If this is your domain, you can add the affected IP in the field.

2nd solution 

If the sender is a contact that you cannot contact (example or, you can add the address, the domain or the sending IP to a list of exceptions. The SPF control will therefore not be performed on it.

exclusions of SPF checksHowever, we advise you to add the IP address, if it is fixed, or the email address as a security measure.


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