OVH – How to change or restore the DNS/SPF settings?

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Are you at OVH and you want to change or restore the default DNS/SPF settings for a domain or subdomain? This article explains the procedure to follow.

From your OVH customer area you can customise authoritative name servers and DNS records (CNAME-Records, A-Record, MX-Record, etc.) or restore the default settings.

Step 1

Log in to your OVH customer area using your login pair (nic-handle) – password.
Click Login to confirm the operation.

Step 2

In the left menu click on Domain and select the domain to menu

Step 3

Click the DNS Zone tab to view your zone. Here you can consult the different fields in your DNS zone. To go faster, you can also sort the display by type of servers

Step 4

Then click Add entry and select SPF to add the record. ovh interfaceovh interface

Step 5

Click Use SPF for shared OVH.
The record is created automatically and will legitimise sending your emails via your OVH server.Use SPF for shared OVH

Step 6

Click OK to confirm and create the entry.add an entry

Step 7

Then, if you are using the outgoing Mailinblack SMTP, you can modify the SPF record in order to add the Mailinblack field. To do this, select the SPF and click Edit entry.edit entry ovh To finish you must add the following record (next to the black arrow below): modify a DNS zone ovh

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