The emails I send are blocked by the anti-spam of my contacts; what can I do?

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The Mailinblack solution uses RBL lists to classify spam emails. A Realtime Blackhole List (RBL) is a list of sender IP addresses that are at risk of spamming (read our blog post for more info). If you notice that your emails are blocked in spam and/or you receive a message of non-delivery indicating that your IP is blacklisted, you must ask to be unblacklisted from the list concerned. To check on which RBL list you are blacklisted, here are the steps to follow.

Log in to your Mailinblack admin area and go to the Emails menu on the left.

email menuTo trace an email, hover your mouse over the desired line and click on the following icon:

tracer icon

You can see which RBL list has blacklisted the IP address concerned.

To unblacklist your IP, go to the RBL list’s website.
Taking the example of, search for “spamhaus” on your search engine.
On the site you will find a way to check the reputation of your sending IP via a page named “Blocklist Removal” or “Blocking List”, for example; this varies by site. You can then fill in your sending IP, check whether it is listed or not and act accordingly.

If the IP is listed, you will be offered to unlist it. Then follow the site’s instructions. It will also tell you how long it will take for the IP to be removed from the list.

Be careful: some lists do not offer to unblacklist your IP for free. If so, you are under no obligation to pay. Just wait for the IP to be deleted automatically. The same applies to lists that don’t offer a way to unlist.

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