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Innovation, a core focus for Mailinblack

Mailinblack, a leading expert in email exchanges for over 15 years, is committed to constantly developing its proprietary technology to provide businesses, healthcare establishments and local authorities with protection and peace of mind in their email processing.

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A range of products designed for your organisation’s security and comfort

Our Artificial Intelligence experts regularly analyse the 5 billion emails converging on our servers to offer you products based on technology at the cutting edge of innovation.

Mailinblack Protect

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Mailinblack protect for Office 365

Mailinblack secures your working environment

Innovation, our core business

Notre philosophie est simple, dédier nos compétences humaines et nos ressources technologiques pour vous apporter sécurité, bien-être et productivité dans votre quotidien !


Head of product – Mailinblack

Bespoke solutions to secure your organisation

Businesses, healthcare establishments, local authorities – the protection of your organisation is a priority and your security requirements differ. Mailinblack understands this and offers a range of products to meet your challenges: saving time on a daily basis, maintaining control over your data, securing your IT system... We provide concrete solutions for every organisation.

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