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The most comprehensive cybersecurity solution for your organization

Security, awareness and training: our solutions are a concentrate of technologies at the service of users.
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Our cybersecurity solutions for your peace of mind

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Secure and clean up your messaging
  • Join over 18,000 organizations that secure their email with Protect


  • Let our artificial intelligence work for you and save time managing your emails


  • Phishing, spearphishing, ransomwares, malwares, spam… Block email security attacks before your teams receive them


  • Provide your employees with a complete email protection solution to free their minds and improve their productivity

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Cyber Coach

Turn your teams into a hacker's nightmare
  • Train your employees like a high-level team with our 100% customizable simulations


  • Adopt a simple and automated solution for raising cybersecurity awareness


  • Organize and measure the development of your employees’ skills

  • Halve your organization’s vulnerability rate in just 6 simulations and prevent data leakage

Cyber Academy

Train your teams with a complete e-learning platform
  • Strengthen your team’s cyber security knowledge by combining Cyber Coach and Cyber Academy

  • Train your teams with microlearning and mobile learning in a fun way: training sessions adapted to the learning pace

  • Take advantage of a cybersecurity training designed with experts in pedagogy and based on the 4 pillars of learning

  • Choose an educational process that uses gamification to facilitate learning


The simple and secure professional password manager
  • Control access to your data with our rights management system and customized security policies.

  • Sikker’s shared safes centralize secure internal collaboration and external sharing via encrypted links, available within the password manager.

  • With Sikker, you can easily manage your passwords on all your devices thanks to an intuitive mobile application and a web extension, guaranteeing secure and flexible access to your credentials, anywhere.

  • Sikker alerts you in real time to any suspicious activity linked to your passwords, enabling you to react quickly to reinforce the security of your accounts and ensure constant protection.

Our technologies

A complete suite of solutions powered by artificial intelligence

Anti spam
Anti phising
Anti spearphishing
Anti ransomware
Anti malware
Cyber attack simulation
Vulnerability Audit
Password manager
Anti spam

More than 25% of emails are spam

Each of your employees receives a considerable number of emails per month and more than a quarter of them are spam (Mailinblack Barometer 2023). Allow them to stay focused on the essentials and clean up your messaging system thanks to the automated analysis of email content before they are received.


Discover our anti spam
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Anti phising

Don't give phishing attempts a chance

Based on the analysis of email archives, our technology identifies phishing attempts with a very high accuracy rate and filters them before they are received. At the same time, the awareness and training of your employees allows them to adopt good practices and to launch the security alert within your organization in case of an attack.

Discover our anti phishing
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Anti spearphishing

Identify, filter and stop identity theft

Our technology automatically authenticates the sender of an email via its IP coupled with a verification of authorizations at the domain name level (SPF). Identity theft attempts are blocked before they are received and your company’s employees are made aware about the dangers of this attack.

Discover our anti spearphishing
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Anti ransomware

Ransomware attacks affect an average of 1 in 5 companies per year

Because they are the source of the intrusion and ransom demands, email attachments are analyzed by Mailinblack technology to identify potential ransomware. The content of the emails is also analyzed. Your employees learn to adopt the right reflexes in case of an alert.

Discover our anti ransomware
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Anti malware

Secure your organization's weak points

Messaging is your organization’s main weak point: Trojans, viruses, spyware… These multiple threats are analyzed by our proprietary technologies and our AI to block malware before it is received by your employees and to prevent any intrusion into your network.

Discover our anti malware
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Cyber attack simulation

Train your employees to recognize attacks

Simulate ultra-realistic attacks, modeled from the analysis of more than 5 billion emails received per year and with the contribution of neuroscience. Phishing, spearphishing, ransomware, QR Code, USB key… Choose between different forms of attacks to make your teams aware and ensure the security of your data.

Discover our simulation
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Vulnerability Audit

Assess your risk level in 7 days

Put your employees in a situation to assess the level of human vulnerability within your organization. In only 7 days, you will have an idea of the risk and will be able to adapt your awareness and training actions to cybersecurity.

Discover our audit solution
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Password manager

Simplify your password management

Sikker innovates in the field of digital security, combining simplicity and advanced security with its professional password manager.

Discover our password manager
Innovative and accessible

A platform that centralizes Mailinblack cyber security solutions

Innovative solutions

Our artificial intelligence analyzes over 5 billion emails per year to stay on top of cybersecurity

Simple and accessible tools

The platform centralizes all your Mailinblack cyber security solutions

An enhanced user experience

Our interfaces and dashboards are designed to save your organization time.

Your issues

A complete cybersecurity platform adapted to your needs

Health Care Facilities
Public Administration

Turnkey solutions, adapted to your infrastructure and your budget

Keep it simple with simple, turnkey digital solutions at a competitive price.

  • Let our advanced algorithms work and stay focused on your business
  • Reduce spam and save time every day
  • Strengthen the security of your systems without changing your work habits or those of your employees
  • Quickly learn the right reflexes to avoid cyber attacks
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Choose the reference solution of corporate cybersecurity

Secure your organization and make your collaborators more competent.

  • Save time managing your emails by reducing your volume of unwanted and dangerous incoming messages by up to 50%.
  • Implement a robust technology and secure your information system
  • Raise your employees’ awareness and increase their IT skills by letting our cutting-edge technologies work
  • Access complete statistics and benefit from an ultra-reactive French support

Adapt your organization to new threats

Secure your organization at scale and stay on top of cybersecurity in company.

  • Ensure effective protection against all cyberattacks with our innovative products
  • Fight phishing and identity theft on a massive scale
  • Gain access to the latest cybersecurity innovations with our shared roadmap
  • Stay in control of your data with our 100% RGPD compliant solutions
Health Care Facilities

Your challenges require our expertise

Healthcare institutions, choose the recognized expertise of Mailinblack.

  • Adopt a French solution, 100% GDPR compliant
  • Choose a technology recommended by your peers and rely on our specialist expertise
  • Ensure your regulatory compliance by choosing an HDS certified solution
  • Empower your teams and benefit from dedicated support for immediate answers to your questions
  • Standardize training within your organization with our free awareness kit
Etablissement de santé
Public Administration

Choose the made in France solution for your cybersecurity

Mailinblack offers 100% French and GDPR compliant solutions.

  • Reduce unwanted solicitations and communications within your departments
  • Access our cyber news thanks to our shared roadmap and co-build tomorrow’s innovations
  • Implement easy-to-use solutions, coupled with ultra-reactive French technical support
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The excellence of French cybersecurity

Our solutions based on artificial intelligence and coupled with cognitive science protect your organization and your employees from cyber risks.

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Cyber Coach

Prevent any form of email attack from penetrating your information system

Simulate cyber attacks to raise the cyber literacy level of your teams

Train your employees on the new challenges of cybersecurity

Simplify and secure your password management