The power of Mailinblack

With more than 269 billion emails sent each day around the world, email is the preferred business tool, but it also means threats to your data, a source of stress for your employees, and has a significant impact on your company’s productivity.

The strength of Mailinblack’s proprietary Human Lock Security System, combined with artificial intelligence to complement a solid foundation of traditional filters, makes Mailinblack the most effective way to protect your email.


How Mailinblack filters your emails

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Cyberattacks are increasing and causing more and more damage to companies. Spam, malware, ransomware, phishing, spear phishing, scams, etc., resulting in the theft of data and confidential information, financial losses and heavy impacts on branding and reputation

Thanks to a powerful antivirus engine, Mailinblack secures all your professional email against cyberattacks and new forms of threats.

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Technological stress is a genuine plague in business.. A sense of urgency, the need to stay connected and information overload are the new threats to the well-being of your employees.

Mailinblack categorises your advertising email to prevent you from being overloaded with information. These non-priority emails are accessible via a personal interface, allowing you to choose the appropriate time to consult them.

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Only 25% of the emails received by your employees are productive! It takes an average of 40 minutes per day to sort them, meaning a daily waste of time for your business and the risk of missing an important email.

Thanks to artificial intelligence and its proprietary technologies such as the Human Lock Security System, Mailinblack automatically sorts your emails so that your employees only receive productive email in their inbox. They will at last be able to concentrate on the essential!


The power of Mailinblack technologies

Its technological innovations and proven levels of protection make it possible to effectively secure your business email.

Unlike standard anti-spam systems, Mailinblack mixes several technologies, integrating traditional security filters, predictive analysis, artificial intelligence, and human authentication with the ultimate defence, its proprietary Human Lock Security System.

Viruses are eliminated, spam is blocked and automatic newsletter emails are sorted, ensuring maximum security for your email service and your data.


When a sender contacts you for the first time, if they are not on your whitelist and their email is not a risk for your company, an authentication request is sent to them.

Simple and fast for the sender, authentication is only needed once. The sender automatically joins your whitelist and communicates with you seamlessly.

The system is the ultimate defence against spammers.


Thanks to the authentication request, your exchanges are secure and your links with your correspondents strengthened, while guaranteeing your reputation!

Safety and well-being at your fingertips

Via a personal web interface, each employee has access to all of their emails blocked by Mailinblack. Employees manage their email 100% independently and can recover messages and authorise or ban senders.

Mailinblack also sends a daily recap of the blocked emails, which can be recovered without having to connect to the personal interface. In this way, the user does not miss important emails.

100% transparent

The solution administrator has access to a special interface for global management. The administrator keeps control of the solution thanks to customisable settings with a higher hierarchical level.

Mailinblack is easy to learn, use and manage!

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The outgoing SMTP option also secures your outgoing email flow:

  • Automatic integration of your recipients into your whitelist
  • Guarantees the integrity of your outgoing emails (antivirus scan)
  • Prevents blacklisting of your IP mailing address

Secure your business
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