How to recognize a ransomware attack? 

Ransomware is malicious software that attacks the security of your organization.

It can have several purposes, such as infiltrating your system, holding your files and data hostage (personal, sensitive, strategic) by encrypting them, or demanding a ransom to unlock your data (hence the term ransomware).

In 2022, ransomware attacks increased by 35% worldwide, and France is one of the most affected countries in Europe. So don’t wait, get a ransomware simulation solution.

At the same time, here are a few simple steps you can take to avoid suffering a cyber attack:

  • Apply security updates regularly and systematically
  • Install and keep up-to-date anti-virus and firewall software
  • Do not open suspicious attachments or click on dubious links
  • Be careful when installing applications or programs
  • Avoid visiting illicit or unsecured sites
  • Make regular back-ups
  • Block “administrator” access for employees
  • Use strong, complex passwords
  • Remember to switch off computers
Ransomware simulation

Why implement a ransomware simulation solution?

How can you make your teams more aware of ransomware attacks?

A pedagogical approach based on experiential learning is ideal for integrating theoretical and practical knowledge. Using phishing simulation or cyber-attack simulations, and training employees at the point of error, are effective ways of raising awareness.

What advice do you need to be aware of cyber risks?

To maximize the impact of your awareness campaigns, you can :

  • Create long-term regularity
  • Adapt simulations to different profiles
  • Use models adapted to in-house tools and practices
  • Raise awareness at the right time
  • Evaluate team progress

Raising your teams’ awareness is obviously essential to limit risks over time, and to foster cyber resilience. So equip yourself with a ransomware simulation solution.


Raise your employees' awareness of ransomware attacks


your organization’s human vulnerabilities


your teams’ level of vigilance on a regular basis

Raise awareness

of your employees to cyber risks


your cyber strategy to your company’s actual vulnerabilities


your organization’s human vulnerabilities


your teams’ level of vigilance on a regular basis

Raise awareness

of your employees to cyber risks


your cyber strategy to your company’s actual vulnerabilities


Raise your employees' awareness with Cyber Coach

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Ransomware simulation

Cyber Coach lets you simulate ultra-realistic cyberattacks and adapt your cybersecurity actions.

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Why choose a ransomware simulator?

Why is it important to test your company's security against a ransomware attack?

Testing your company’s security by simulating ransomware attacks is crucial for assessing vulnerabilities and strengthening your data protection. In the event of a successful attack, you can limit the risk of financial loss and damage to your reputation.

How can you set up effective ransomware simulation software for your organization?

To set up effective ransomware simulation software, it’s important to follow these steps: choose suitable software, create a realistic scenario, inform employees and run regular simulations to improve security. Cyber Coach lets you do all this, 100% automatically!

What results can you achieve with a ransomware simulation?

A ransomware simulation solution measures your company’s resilience to a ransomware attack. The results can be used to identify vulnerabilities and strengthen your organization’s security.

How can you make employees aware of the risks of ransomware?

Employee awareness is key to preventing ransomware attacks. Regular training on IT security best practices, with Cyber Academy for example, on how to detect a ransomware attack or what to do in the event of an incident can help reduce risks.

What advice do you have to avoid falling into the ransomware trap?

To avoid falling into the ransomware trap, it’s advisable to educate your employees, regularly back up your data, update systems and security software, avoid clicking on suspicious links, and simply remain vigilant to unexpected emails and messages.

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