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Protect your business and employees against threats with the leading email protection solution in Europe. Mailinblack technologies combine artificial and human intelligence and have been recognised for more than 15 years by companies, health establishments and public institutions.

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Mailinblack protects your organisation against email threats with an innovative solution that meets your security requirements:

  • A people-based approach for a top-class security support
  • Unique technologies for stronger protection to your email exchange
  • Email management interfaces to take back control of your data
Go for a security, comfort and easy-to-use solution on a daily basis!

Protect your organisation from cyberattacks


Focus on your core business, without having to worry about the serious consequences of a cyberattack.

Save time processing your emails every day

Every year, 250 billion emails are sent worldwide, a large majority of which contain unwanted advertising. On average, your employees spend 5 hours per day working on emails, while 75% of them are spam.

  • The time spent processing these emails represents a loss of productivity and money for your business
  • Managing emails can become a source of stress for your employees, who feel a sense of inefficiency every day

Mailinblack helps your employees, allowing them to save 40 minutes per day processing their emails. How? Our solution is designed to detect spam, newsletters and viruses, and to automatically sort the emails in your messaging system. You can finally take back control!

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Protect your organisation against new threats

92% of enterprises have been victims of a cyberattack by ransomware, malware or attempted phishing. From data loss to financial damage, a tarnished reputation and wasted time, the impacts are serious and can even result in businesses going under.

  • SVB, SMB and healthcare establishments are not sufficiently protected, despite the risk of being attacked by hackers or organised criminals
  • Threats are expected to rise by 20% year on year, and to become more and more difficult to detect

Our technologies offer proven levels of protection by combining artificial and human intelligence to provide maximum security against cyberattacks. The innovations regularly developed by the Mailinblack AI Lab can protect your company against future threats.

Keep control of your data with AI

Conventional security technologies are invisible building blocks in your information system, while technologies based only on AI operate in black box mode. Consequently, IT departments can quickly find themselves in difficulty when under attack, and the confidentiality of your data and the control of your exchanges are no longer guaranteed. Mailinblack has developed a platform that helps you regain control of your data:

  • An administration interface that provides your IT department with a global overview of incoming emails and enables it to detect any unusual behaviour in the organisation
  • A user interface that allows your employees to independently manage the emails that are blocked every day

The solution can be deployed to meet your particular needs, either on your servers or in the Azure cloud. See the power of the solution for yourself!

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Save money with Mailinblack solution

Your employees spend 40 minutes per day sorting through their emails. This valuable time could be spent developing your business and growing your turnover.

Calculate the savings you can make thanks to the Mailinblack solution in just 10 seconds.

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Raise your employees’ awareness of threats and invest in a protective solution that is easy to deploy and tailored to your challenges and your budget.


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