Email is the first vector for computer attacks.

With Protect, secure your business email and get rid of unproductive emails

  • Anti-virus, anti-phishing, anti-spearphishing, anti-spam
  • Proprietary technologies coupled with AI
  • Link analysis in e-mails (Secure Link)
  • Clean and secure messaging
  • 100% RGPD compliant
Key figures

Expertise recognized by our customers

20 years
of French expertise in cybersecurity
18 000
companies, local authorities and healthcare establishments have adopted our solutions
renewal rate
CH de la Candélie
The Protect solution fully meets our expectations, with a reduced workload since we no longer have to go through our spam. As for the cost, if we weigh up the risk of not filtering against the time spent by a technician managing spam, it is not even debatable.
Patrice Bourdon
Head of IS and Organisation
Conseil Départemental du Gard
We receive an average of 300,000 messages per month, of which more than 50% are spam. Thanks to the Protect solution, users do not have to deal with all these unwanted messages. This protection has become essential for agents, especially as email is one of the most used tools in daily life!
Mathieu MOLINA
CHU Martinique
Mailinblack gives us real extra security. The latest attacks on the hospital have been stopped and quarantined by Protect and the staff mailbox is now sorted and clean. We work more serenely while ensuring constant monitoring of our IT system.
Gérald GALIM
Communauté d'Agglomération de Forbach
Yes, I would definitely recommend Mailinblack solutions! On the one hand, because I am a satisfied user but also because they allow us to see the future with serenity. Moreover, as you are a French solution, it is our responsibility as a customer to promote it when we can.
Grand Port Maritime de Marseille
Mailinblack offers a simple and intuitive service which, thanks to sender authentication, enables us to protect ourselves from large volumes of spam and to work in complete security.
Operations Officer
Institut Bergonié
The implementation of the Protect solution in our company was immediately very much appreciated by our employees (around 2,000 users): no more unwanted emails and therefore huge time savings for users. On the administrative side, the IT Department no longer has to make rules based on the words contained in an email, which is very complicated in a healthcare establishment.
Nicolas KIHL
Laboratoires Pharmaceutiques Rodael
In my experience, IT security is of great importance. Indeed, a few years ago, when we were not equipped with an email protection solution, we were victims of emailing attacks. In order not to relive these high-impact incidents, we have integrated Protect into our teams. Because of the high risk of cyber attacks on hospitals, we have to be extra vigilant in securing our daily exchanges with them.
Guillaume Keirel
Mairie de Colombes
Efficient and simple! 223,000 spam messages stopped and 4,000 viruses blocked. Mailinblack protects us from a large number of email attacks. I clearly recommend the use of Protect!
Nicolas Antoine
Office du tourisme de Fréjus
We are very satisfied with Mailinblack's offer, particularly in this period of increased cyber attacks. This season is impacted by the Covid-19 crisis, we want to be vigilant and protect our equipment as much as possible. We are starting the season very late and knowing that we are protected by Mailinblack is very reassuring.
Mairie de Sartrouville
For us, the Protect solution represents a great saving of time on a daily basis and peace of mind when opening emails. The solution is simple, intuitive, efficient and transparent in its operation.
Patrice Dubuis