What is email phishing?

Phishing is the most widespread computer attack in 2022. It is a cybercrime technique based on fraud or spoofing. In concrete terms, it makes the victim believe that he/she has a trusted third party in front of him/her, and encourages him/her to disclose personal, professional or sensitive information. This type of cyber attack uses social engineering tricks to abuse its targets.  


A phishing attack is mostly carried out by email or by phone. The hacker goes fishing and pretends to be a trusted third party in order to obtain login details or credit card numbers, for example.


Why install an anti-phishing solution?

The average cost of a phishing attack for an SME is 100,000 euros. Activating an anti-phishing email solution allows you to have a secure mailbox. Thus, you reduce the risk of phishing by email, by nearly 70% (Cf. Mailinblack 2020 study on a panel of 700 customers).  

  • Protect your digital identity 
  • Secure your data and those of your ecosystem 
  • Preserve your organization’s reputation
  • Free your teams from the psychological impact of a phishing attack 

How to protect yourself from phishing?

Cyber reflexes
Anti phishing
Cyber reflexes

What to do in case of an email phishing attack?

A few simple and effective steps can help you avoid falling into the nets of hackers and get rid of a large number of phishing email attempts:  

  • Check the sender’s email address and compare it to the alias.  
  • Hover over the links to get a preview, and check them before clicking.  
  • Go to the site’s home page (through your browser) instead of clicking on the link.  
  • Do not click on links or download attachments from a suspicious email.  
  • Do not respond to suspicious messages (poorly written content, urgent request).  
  • And if in doubt, it is best to call the sender to make sure the email is genuine.  

These attacks are increasingly difficult to detect because they are more diversified and sophisticated. This is the case, for example, of the Browser-in-the-Browser (BitB), identified in 2022. Clearly, it is essential to implement an anti-phishing solution and to make your teams aware of the threat of mail phishing.  

anti phishing
Anti phishing

Why protect yourself from phishing emails with Protect?

The Protect solution secures your business email from unwanted messages and viruses received via email. Our proprietary, next-generation technology, coupled with artificial intelligence (AI), is anti-spam, anti-malware, anti-spearphishing and anti-phishing all in one.  

The anti-phishing protection is activated in two steps:  

  • Upon receiving the email, our deep learning model analyzes over 100 features to detect and block identity theft attempts. 
  • Upon clicking a link in the email, our proprietary Secure Link technology performs a scan, identifies malicious links and alerts the user to a potential threat. 
anti phishing

Secure your organization against email phishing

Anti phishing solution

Protect : the right product

Protect offers a combination of heuristic and proprietary technologies to protect your organization from email phishing attacks 

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Why choose an anti phishing solution?

How to avoid phishing?

To avoid phishing, you can learn how to detect this type of cyberattack that often goes through email, which is possible with an awareness solution for example. But beware, these attacks are increasingly sophisticated and complicated to detect so the best option is to use an anti-phishing solution for your company. 

Why install an anti-phishing solution for professionals?

Phishing is the practice of impersonating a known company in order to trick them into disclosing confidential and often business-critical information. By installing an anti-phishing software for your company, and by securing your mailbox, you will reduce the risk by almost 70% since phishing will be blocked and will not reach your teams anymore. 

How do you know if you have been phished?

If you think you have clicked on a fraudulent email, and disclosed confidential information, start by contacting the company  to make sure that it was not a legitimate email. If not, you will have to stop the transaction (if it concerns a payment), file a complaint and change your login and password for more security. And to prevent this from happening again, the most reliable solution is to implement an anti-phishing email security solution like Protect. 

What are the dangers of phishing in companies?

Phishing can have dramatic consequences on your company since it can allow cybercriminals to penetrate your computer systems. The result is a possible paralysis of your systems, the disclosure of personal data or even the complete blocking of the activity, which can then have serious repercussions on the business of your company 

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