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First steps with V7 Mistral

The Mailinblack solution secures your email exchanges, automatically sorts spam and newsletters and gives you a clean inbox. Its technology is based on verifying the email’s sender. If the sender is not on your whitelist (senders previously authorised to send you an email) and the email doesn’t present any risk for your company, an authentication request is sent to them so they can prove that they are a natural person and not a spammer robot. Through a Mailinblack personal area, you can manage your blocked emails and your senders. Mailinblack also sends you a daily blocked emails report, from which you can recover your blocked emails and authorise or ban a sender.

1. Log in to the user area

Log in to your Mailinblack personal area via this link: Fill in the email and password fields (Password that you have already configured via the link sent to you by email)

2. List of emails

This section gives you access to:

  • Pending emails: emails waiting to be recovered
  • Infected emails: virus-infested emails or other malicious code (spyware, Trojan horses, etc.)
  • Banned emails: emails from banned senders
  • Spam emails: emails identified as spam

For each line, you can use the icons to:

  • Recover the email
  • Authorise the sender
  • Ban the sender
  • Delete the email

3. Management of authorised/banned senders

To be more efficient, you can import a list of senders to authorise or ban by uploading a file in text format. The file must contain only email addresses. You can also manually add an address or domain to your whitelist or blacklist. All of the information related to this sender must be filled in:

  • Status: Authorised or banned
  • Type: Email, domain or regular expression (for dynamic addresses)
  • Sender: email address or domain

4. Settings

At the top right of the interface, to access the Edit my account settings where you can:

  • Access the information related to your profile
  • set the reception frequency of your blocked emails report.

To receive an additional report, click Add schedule. Here you can also change your password if you wish.

How to add a new sender in my Mailinblack list?

Do you want to add an email address to your sender list? Here are the steps to follow. Log in to your Mailinblack personal area and click the Senders tab in the menu on the left. To add a sender, click Add a sender. Fill in the requested information:

  • Status: Authorised or Banned
  • Type: email address, domain or regular expression
  • Sender: contact to be authorised

Then click Save to confirm the addition.

How to protect / unprotect a user?

Log in to your personal Mailinblack area and go to Access my admin area at the top right of your screen by clicking on your Surname and First name. Click on the Usersmenu, on the left, to view all users. Click on the shield icon to the right of the user to protect or unprotect.

How to customize the authentication request?

Log in to your personal Mailinblack area and go to Access my admin area at the top right of your screen by clicking on your Surname and First name. From your admin area, click the Authentication templates menu. How to create a template Click on Add an authentication template and name it. Then define the dominant colour of your graphic charter and add your logo in the design part. You can select blocks of text to edit the contents. When done, click Next. In the next step, you can modify the words present in the captcha. To do so, click on the block of text. When done, click Next. You have arrived at the last stage of customisation. Here you can change the content of the last part of the authentication request by clicking on the block of texts. To finish, click Save.

How to assign my template to my users or a domain This time click on Assign the template.

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