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A complementary solution for
Office 365

Mailinblack Protect  offers top-class integration and protection that combine the artificial intelligence technologies of Microsoft and Mailinblack, which have been tested on many European languages for higher performance.

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Technologies to complement
Office 365 security

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The basic security layers strengthen the protection of your email: RBL, Sender Domain Validation, Recipient Existence or “strict filtering”, Reverse DNS

A deep-learning model for accurate classification of newsletters and automatic emails and a reduction of false negatives


Being emails the main way to communicate among companies, more than 90% of threats are sent by email, and by spam in particular

With the proven Mailinblack Protect technology, viruses, malware and ransomware are blocked automatically


Automatically-updated databases of malicious URLs are used to identify malicious links in emails. An expertise based on waves of attacks targeting our customers and partners and an analysis of +100 characteristics (URL, structure, context, content) at the time of click on any link present in an email based on a Deep Learning model


Spearphishing attacks use two main principles: trust and urgency

Traditional and proprietary technologies to block this type of attack: SPF, HLSS, typosquatting, sensitive data, emergency semantics, deep learning

Native deployment

Mailinblack can be natively deployed on Microsoft Azure for customers who want to use a public cloud. This solution guarantees an end-to-end integration:

  • Data that is hosted in France (Paris and Marseilles)
  • High-level performance and advanced certifications
  • The Health Data Hosting certification (HDS)

Furthermore, synchronisation with your Azure directory makes it possible to upload user information and passwords directly from your directory to your Mailinblack account.

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Simple and easy to use

Take back control of your exchanges and data with Mailinblack Protect for Office 365!

Mailinblack Authentication request

A unique user authentication system

In your first exchange with your correspondent, if you are not on their whitelist and your email address is legitimate and does not pose a risk to their company, you will receive an authentication request asking you to prove your identity. This authentication request, which is personalised with the colours and values of the company, is a guarantee of quality and security!

The Human Lock Security System technology, patented by Mailinblack, offers enterprises the very highest levels of security.

Flexible and secure email interfaces

100% transparency and control for your IT department
An administrator interface to personalise and control the flows of incoming emails and the security settings. Easy to learn and administer!

Total independence for users
A personal interface to manage and retrieve pending emails, and to authorise or ban senders. And a recap email of blocked messages, with the possibility to retrieve them, without having to log into the interface, so that no important emails are missed.

Mailinblack manager statistics interface

100% compatible with all email systems

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