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A turnkey offer that secures your email

Mailinblack Protect provides you with a 360° protection for your company and your employees against new and future threats by email, thanks to its unequalled technology, based on artificial intelligence and human intelligence.

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Security that is strengthened by proven technologies

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Icone antispam


The basic security layers: RBL, Reverse DNS, Sender Domain Validation, Recipient Existence

Newsletter classification: a deep-learning model for more accurate classification of newsletters and automatic emails, and a reduction of false negatives

icone malware


More than 90% of software threats are sent by email, and by spam in particular

Anti-virus: technologies that lock out the viruses, malware and ransomware received by email in your organisation and that gives you back control

icone phishing


Malicious URL databases, frequently updated based on attack waves targeting our customers and partners, used to identify known malicious links in emails
A deep learning model that analyses +100 characteristics (URL, structure, context, content) at the time of click on any link in an email

icone spearphishing


Trust and urgency: spearphishing attacks use these two primary principles

A combination of traditional and proprietary technologies: SPF, HLSS, typosquatting, sensitive data analyses, emergency semantics, Deep Learning

The excellence of European innovation

The Mailinblack AI Lab: a team of PhDs and data science experts scrutinize new forms of threats on a daily basis. With 5 billion emails that converge each year through Mailinblack servers, our AI Lab has an unrivalled amount of Big Data to continuously improve our technologies.

We have developed a deep-learning model with unique performance. Based on an automated extraction of message characteristics, it classifies emails into categories and determines whether they are legitimate and productive. This proprietary Artificial Intelligence identifies spam, phishing and spear-phishing attempts, unwanted advertisement, but also newsletters and notifications, and gives you control over what you want to block or receive.

Training on European languages ​​brings Mailinblack to an ultimate level of precision, for an unparalleled protection of your messaging service.

100% GDPR and CNIL-compliant 


Simple and easy to use

Do you want to take back control of your exchanges and your data?

Mailinblack Authentication request

A user authentication system

When a sender contacts you for the first time, if they are not on your whitelist and their email is not a risk for your company, an authentication request is sent to them. This request, which is personalised in the colours and the values of your organisation, invites the sender to prove that they are a human being by copying a captcha, so that they can communicate with you.

The Human Lock Security System is a technological building block patented by Mailinblack that guarantees the highest level of security on the market!

Email management interfaces

100% transparency and control for your IT department
Access to an administrator interface to personalise and control the flows of incoming emails as well as the security settings. A solution that is easy to learn and administer!

Total independence for users
Access to a personal web interface to manage and retrieve pending emails, and to authorise or ban senders. Mailinblack also sends a daily recap of the blocked emails, which can be recovered without having to connect to the interface. Users never miss an important email!

Mailinblack manager statistics interface


Our team supports, trains and informs you!

Enjoy tailored support for the technical deployment of the solution and to help your users to get started. Our fun and exciting on-site or online training takes the form of serious games that enable users to understand the new threats and the behaviour they need to adopt.

Equipe customer success Mailinblack
Equipe customer success Mailinblack

Tailored deployment that is adapted to your infrastructure

VSBs, SMBs, public authorities or healthcare establishments can all benefit from a tailored installation adapted to their needs! !

100% compatible with all email systems

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Do you use Office 365?
Mailinblack can be natively deployed on Microsoft Azure for customers who want to use a public cloud.

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