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Protection levels to suit your organisation

Security requirements differ depending on your organisation: number of employees, routine activities, sector, requirements and activity-specific characteristics, etc. Mailinblack understands this and, to address your challenges, has developed a range of solutions suited to businesses, healthcare establishments and local authorities.

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Protect your organisation from cyberattacks

Mailinblack has been securing the working environment of VSBs, SMBs, healthcare establishments and local authorities for over 15 years.

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Mailinblack for healthcare establishments

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Your security is our priority

Mailinblack’s mission is to provide peace of mind. Our role is to ensure that hospitals, town halls and SMBs, across Europe and Africa, remain stress-free every day so they can concentrate on their own mission: caring for patients, helping citizens and achieving growth. Thanks to the best talent in deep learning and high-quality relationships as recognised by +10,000 clients, our convictions are that AI should serve to increase human intelligence, to multiply the capacities of the millions of people using our services on a daily basis. We will be the AI that protects you from other forms of AI.


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A range of products developed by our AI Lab

Our 10,000 customers secure their email systems with Mailinblack because of the support and level of security they enjoy every day. Our AI Lab is constantly working to improve our Deep Learning module by harnessing the stream of more than 5 billion emails processed annually, and develop a range of products to provide concrete solutions for your challenges.

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