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Save time managing your email

Mailinblack Protect is a complete email filtering solution dedicated to very small businesses for a clean and secure mailbox!

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Email protection solution for very small businesses

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By automatically sorting out your email, your employees will save +40 minutes per day
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Put an end to the stress produced by everyday-information overload
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Peace of mind
Avoid the risks of financial loss by protecting your data against cyberattacks
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Premium service for very small businesses

  • A team of dedicated advisers offers free support: whenever you need it, by telephone, email or chat
  • 15 years of experience: a solution approved by 10,000 customers in Europe for its effectiveness
  • Authentication request: can be entirely personalised, so that you can liaise with your new correspondents

No need to change your working habits

Mailinblack Protect is compatible with all email systems

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The solution can be activated in just a few hours and is easy to use on a daily basis

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You don’t have to install anything, Mailinblack takes care of everything

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You receive daily reports of blocked emails, so that you don’t miss any important messages

Every week, +40 very small businesses put their trust in Mailinblack

to manage their professional email systems, to save time and to boost their productivity. Try it out yourself.

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Rapid activation, time saved every day, top-quality support. I recommend Mailinblack without a moment’s hesitation!
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