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Satisfied with the Mailinblack solution used for more than 5 years, Mercure International of Monaco discusses its daily benefits.

Between day-to-day improvement and increased security, Mr Morvan, system and network administrator, discusses the solution’s internal use. A rich and interesting testimonial!


How did you learn about Mailinblack?

Word of mouth primarily! Providers who used your solution had told me about it and when I joined the teams at Mercure International of Monaco, the solution was already installed.

What are your daily benefits?

Mainly security and time savings. Mailinblack makes it possible to filter out inappropriate emails and especially to see the ratio between “healthy” emails and spam/viruses. This is when you realise how much time is saved every day!

Are your users satisfied with the solution?

Yes, they have completely integrated Mailinblack into their daily lives. Some prefer to use the report received daily by email to unblock a message; others go directly to their personal interface to view pending messages and unblock them, if necessary.

Could you describe Mailinblack in 3 words?

Easy to use! The interface is clear both from a user’s point of view (each user quickly understands how the solution works) and the manager’s point of view. And of course efficiency and security.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate Mailinblack? (efficiency, operation, integration)

9 without hesitation!

Would you recommend Mailinblack?

Mailinblack is one of the few products that I run into regularly with service providers; it is a pledge of confidence and security for me. I would definitely recommend the solution!

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