Inddigo, a Mailinblack customer for several years, talks about its migration to the latest version of the solution, Mistral V7. At the same time, it reports on its experience and its customer support.

Since 1986, Inddigo has been guiding public and private stakeholders towards Sustainable Development. In the context of its activity, its employees use their email massively. Recognising a significant spam rate that was severely affecting its staff’s productivity, the company decided to turn to Mailinblack.

Mr Bouriant - Information System Manager

The relevance of the solution combined with the professionalism and good humour of the Mailinblack team are real assets that allow us to maintain a quality relationship based on competence and expertise.

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Melina is reactive and spontaneous. Her missions? To use her creativity and reflections to promote communication and teamwork. A real gem in the market' com' service!

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