In business, email is the everyday tool for all employees. In a few years it has become the most common tool for daily communication in the course of work. How would you do without? Good question!

It’s like your best friend in business or worst enemy, depending on the day … Especially when you return from holidays. With an inbox full of advertisements, it is difficult to get your bearings and deal with the important messages. Isn’t it important to anticipate your departure on holiday to avoid losing a huge amount of time sorting your emails when you return? Of course! And the objective is to gain in speed, efficiency and peace of mind 😉

You wonder how? You have to prepare early on. It is estimated that 70% of spam or advertising emails are received after a few days away. No, spam doesn’t take a holiday! However, you can already unsubscribe from the newsletter that doesn’t interest you (or not any longer) to avoid the daily adverts that are all too frequent.

What solutions are available to you?

  1. Protect your computer hardware with an anti-spam solution (don’t forget that ransomware attacks are increasingly frequent)
  2. Designate a trusted colleague during your absence to handle any emergency
  3. Plan an automatic reply email with your holiday dates and the contact details of the employee to contact in case of an emergency

As you can see, managing emails is a matter of organisation and managing priorities. It’s also about productivity and security. But don’t worry! To manage all these parameters, Mailinblack and its anti-spam solution are there for you. Emails are checked upstream of reception, which filters out all adverts and spam. This automatic sorting of your email saves substantial time. When you return, you no longer waste time: all your important emails are in front of you.

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You will wonder how you managed before, believe me!

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