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In 2007 the Marseille-Fos Port Authority decided to put an end to the massive volume of spam it received. Mr Colonna, in charge of the Mailinblack operation at the Port of Marseille, talks about the solution’s implementation at the time and the daily benefits since then.  

Spam was a real problem for the Marseille-Fos Port Authority (MFPA) because of significant productivity losses and severe security risks. Faced with this situation, the French public establishment turned to Mailinblack. The anti-spam solution was first tested to verify its effectiveness and then quickly selected and deployed with employees.

Mr Colonna - Operations manager at the MFPA

Mailinblack offers a simple and intuitive service that allows us, thanks to sender authentication, to protect ourselves from large volumes of spam and work securely.

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What do you think of Mailinblack?

The strength of this solution and its easy integration in our IS are features that we appreciate, which mean we don’t have to spend time on administering the platform.

How is the solution perceived internally?

As soon as the solution was on-lined, we noticed massive support from our employees and also from our contacts.

What were your benefits?

It is a security and productivity tool that provides convenience and peace of mind every day.

Justine pampers Mailinblack's communication! Event organization and project management is her priority :)

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