A leading player for more than 40 years in hydraulic and mechanical fields, Melun Hydraulique now covers more than 30 sites in France and more than 5,000 customers.

In 2016, Melun Hydraulique turned to Mailinblack to reinforce its email security and protect all of its email exchanges. Today Laurent Masure, DBI IT Manager, reports on the use of Mailinblack, especially after the migration to the solution’s new version (Mistral V7).

Mr Laurent MASURE - DBI IT Manager

The Mailinblack Mistral version 7 is really user-friendly. The interface is more ergonomic than before and the dashboard is easy to consult and summarises the key information. The features are well thought-out and the product has evolved, which is important.

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How was your migration to the Mistral V7 version?

It went very well! The Mailinblack teams contacted us a month before the migration to plan it. So I was able to organise and warn my staff that access to their interface would be limited for a short time. The migration was quick and once completed everything worked perfectly.

How would you rate:

The speed of the migration: 5/5
Transparency: 5/5
Our teams’ follow-up: 5/5

How did the handover of this new version go?

After a short adaptation period, we got back into our administration habits.

And for your employees?

They are all satisfied and autonomous in their respective positions. It saves time every day!

One last word to describe this Mistral version?


Melina is reactive and spontaneous. Her missions? To use her creativity and reflections to promote communication and teamwork. A real gem in the market' com' service!

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